1. Not Our Time

From the recording Album: A Better Day

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Not Our Time

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Not Our Time (P)(C) 2017 Elissa Sophia Metropoulos


Lyrics Not Our Time Written by Elissa Sophia Metropoulos, Danya Thompson, and Nick Scalise (c) 2017

I was gonna wait
Until you told me
You loved me
But that didn't happen
Oh no, oh
You couldn't love me
The way that I needed
I should've known
That you couldn't give
Your love
Cuz it's not our time
It's my time to wait

Now we're face to face
And I'm gonna lay this on the table
I tried to love you
With all that I had
But you still can't see
The person that I am
Cuz you don't know
You don't care
You're leaving me
To go figure yourself out
Good luck with that
You don't deserve my love

Oh, Lord tell me
That he's not worthy
He's not gonna hurt me
I just can't believe
That I couldn't see
All those lies you fed to me
All that you said
To get with me
Looking back
At time we had
There was so much
You held from me
I see it now
Your story's fake
Cuz it's not our time
And I can't wait

They say time will heal
If we just patiently
Let God deal with it
While we work on ourselves
But waiting is the hardest
When you cannot see tomorrow
And all within you feels like giving up hope
No, it's not our time
And I won't wait
I won't wait

I can't wait
I can't wait
No, no, I won't wait
Oh, I can't wait

I'm not gonna wait
Because I know you
Don't love me