Hello World.

An independent thinking perfectionist  

Oh yes, we all think we are so independent in our thoughts. That's a lie. We are all influenced by something, someone, another thought we heard or learned. 

The difference between us is if we admit how much we've been influenced by others. This takes humility to recognize that we've been inspired since the time of birth with sounds, colors, words, energy... We were not raised in isolation but amongst people, animals, and the television. We had someone raise us, parent or other, who for better or worse, influenced our actions and thoughts. We went to school where learned about other people, history and skills. We are most definitely influenced by the hi-tech world around us. Moving to LA made me realize fully the influence this city has on the rest of the world. It is the most influential city in the world. Wow.

None of us are independent thinkers, but some of us like to think we are. That would be me. I usually like my ideas the best. I don't always want to take advice of others. I trust my thoughts more. I feel proud when I tell someone something they don't know or haven't thought of before. I catch myself judging others for not thinking the way I do.

Just being real. The mind is powerful and its perception of itself raised on a pedestal can be detrimental. 

Yes, we live in the most independent time for an individual in the entire history of the earth. Have you thought about that? I have :) (haha)

What's wrong with an individualistic society? Narcissism. The lack of care and consideration for others. Selfishness. Takers. An inflated perception of self. 

We were never meant to do life alone. We were meant to be in community. To share thoughts and ideas, to learn from each other, to help each other out, to be together. Yes, we are all trying to find our "true identity" but we first must realize that part of our identity comes from those who came before us. So many of us don't want to be anything like our parents. We try so hard to separate ourselves from them to find ourselves. I believe this is part of the natural human process. But as time goes on, we realize that in some ways we are like them. And that's ok. Or at least it should be ok. We need to come to peace with it. It's ok. Promise. This point alone humbles us to realize we didn't create ourselves, we didn't choose how we are wired or what makes us tick, we didn't choose who to be born to, or in what location. There is so much about our self that is out of our control but we are still influenced by it. 

Ok, I don't want this blog to become about something else, so... Oh yes, perfectionist. Now, that's a reality. 

Many of us are perfectionists. I am when it comes to work I'm going to display to the public. For me, this stemmed from years of piano lessons and performances. I was trained to learn and memorize pieces of music to perform in front of audiences. A tough task I got better at each time. I didn't love doing it per say but it became part of my identity as I grew up. The need to succeed. 

Also, being raised in a home that put a lot of weight on getting the best grades led me to do anything to get that A. Sometimes that meant cheating on a test. Not proud of that, but perfectionism will drive you to do crazy things sometimes. 

I'm not a perfectionist in every area of my life, thank God, but in the parts I feel I'll be judged the most, I am. 

The point of me sharing all this with you is because for an independent thinking perfectionist, it is hard to give up control of a project, let's say, to another person. This is especially difficult if the person you're working with is the wrong person. What makes someone the wrong person to work with? They won't listen to you. You share your thoughts and desires and they disregard them. They don't include you in the process. They don't believe in you. They don't recognize your vision. They don't communicate with you along the way on what they're thinking and doing. They think they are always right. They think you are controlling. They make you upset when you approach them with concerns. They admit they only do things to make money. THESE. ARE. ALL. RED. FLAGS. Get out! Even if it will cost you money, your emotional health is worth more than any dollar. 

The right person to work with will be the complete opposite of this. The job of the independent thinking perfectionist is to know what they want and be able to communicate that clearly. They must recognize before a contract is signed that the person understands them clearly and agrees with the vision. Finding a person to work with is tough. It's best to find someone who's work you completely appreciate and admire, someone who is easy to talk to and get along with, and who recognizes their role in a service position that ultimately the goal is to make the client happy. 

Life is a learning process. We all make mistakes not only so that we can learn from them, but others can too. It's ok to admit you screwed up. It's ok to admit that you like someone else's idea better. It's ok to share your downfalls with other. It's ok to give someone else credit for an amazing idea you decide to use. 

We are all in this life together. We can all learn from each other. 

Much Love & Peace,

Elissa Sophia


Setting goals is only second best to achieving goals. Yet setting goals is one of the most vital things we can do. I didn't realize how important this was in my life until the release of my first song "Why?", song 1 from my 9 song album.

I set a goal with my former producer of Thanksgiving 2014. That didn't happen.

Then another goal was set for mid-2015. That was never said, but implied by the mad fury of finally getting a band together, recording the band, and attempting to record my vocals all within one month during the busiest season of the year for me while planing a missions trip to Uganda at the end of that month. Insane. Crazy insane. Especially after almost a year of having a ton of time to work on this project with false promises of that work being accomplished. 

Yes, that was a rant. :)

Moving to California June 2016, I set another goal of finishing the album before I had to move from the amazing (and free) beach home my wonderful sister and brother-in-law provided me to live in. Let me say, being emotionally drained, a beach bum, and a traveling fool is not the best combination for determined work ethic. 

Fast forward to January 2017. Ah, finally. A step forward. Oh, I didn't start with my vocals, no. My dad's, yes. We put him in front of that mic to sing his little heart out. That gave me some courage. I did sing one of my songs that day. "From the Valley". It was the first time in 1.5 years I stepped in front of a mic to record one of my songs. Yeah, I sang background vocals for a dear friend of mine, Renée Catrine in the fall of 2015. That was a great experience with a very pleasant and professional sound engineer, Nick Broste, of Shape Shoppe. 

I set a new goal with my former producer. May 1, 2017. I did try my hardest ever to reach that goal. My emotional health was back up, my vocals were sounding better, I found the right producer to work with who treated me well and listened to me and my vision. I became determined to reach that goal. Finally.

Ok, so June 1, 2017 became the new goal. A couple things stopped that from happening, mostly because of pictures and the new idea of releasing one song at a time and correlating one picture with each new song. This was a great idea but realized late in the game. I gave myself some grace and did the best I could to find the right photographers to work with, wrap things up with my current producer, Nick Scalise, and decide on the new release date of June 15, 2017.

I made it. Barely. Literally, barely. 11:30pm PST. But, I MADE IT!!! 

Why the last minute post to the world of Instagram and Facebook? A super long work day and the dang Ripl app. LOVE the way it looks, hate the way it functions. I create a advertising picture with 30 seconds of music, it bounces down to 17 seconds, then posts to social media at 12 seconds. WTF? So, my promo pic for "Why?" is only the drum and keys intro and one line of my verse. *smh* I literally tried everything I could to remedy this, working around it best I could, but kept having the same issue. I said, "f-it I'm going to post this before midnight come hell or high water!"I didn't really say that, but you get the idea. 

Goals. Setting goals- a dream. Attaining goals- reality.

Attaining goals amidst the psyche of a independent thinking perfectionist. That's tough. More on that in the next blog. 

Much Love & Peace,

Elissa Sophia 


Sharing my life experience with the world in hopes that someone will relate, learn, think, or simply be encouraged.