From the recording Album: A Better Day

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From The Valley

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From The Valley (P) (C) 2017 Elissa Sophia Metropoulos


Lyrics From The Valley (C) 2012 Elissa Sophia Metropoulos and Mihaela S. Hegstrom

There I was in the valley
Many tears did I shed
Many hurst and fear surrounded me
And my soul left for dead

So I cried to you from the valley
and you listened to my voice
You came to me and you saved me
And you gave me great joy

You lifted me up
You helped me to climb the mountain of life
You guided me to know the purpose
and see the beauty in the cruel valley

There on the mountain
My soul was brought
to the place where you Jesus
suffered and carried the cross

You brought me healing
and in my soul you put hope
Today I come to thank you
and to serve you my Lord