1. Forgive You

From the recording Album: A Better Day

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Forgive You

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Forgive You (P) (C) 2017 Elissa Sophia Metropoulos


Lyrics Forgive You (C) 2014 Elissa Sophia Metropoulos

I need to forgive you
And let you go
No need to worry
I want you to know that
We're cool
And all of this time
I spent with you
Was to help me realize
Who I am
And who I'm not
Help me realize who I am
Oh baby who I'm not

Hope you forgive me
And move on
I hope that you're happy
When you're gone
See life is just too short
For holding on
Sooner or later
We'll both realzie
Good-bye has made clear
Of what I need
And what you want

That the paths we choose
To walk on are different
And that's ok
That's ok
'Cuz we're not meant to be
And though it hurts me
It's better off this way

You'll just fade away
Into the past
'Cuz baby that's where
You belong
We're all human after all
We're not God, no
We don't know everything
Yet we must forgive ourselves
And forgive others
It's what we're meant to do
You see nothing in this
World lasts forever
Oh ain't that the truth