1. Can't Hold On

From the recording Album: A Better Day

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Can't Hold On

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Can't Hold On (P) (C) 2017 Elissa Sophia Metropoulos


Lyrics Can't Hold On (c) 2012 Elissa Sophia Metropoulos and Zahra Lysora

Saw you today
With a girl on your arm
Wish I was there
Saw you yesterday
Playing your guitar at the Uptown Bar
With a different girl I had to stare

Sometimes I wonder
If you see me lookin’ atcha
Would you turn the other way?

Can’t hold on to what I never had
Lost in a world of fantasy
Can’t hold on to what I never had
Can’t make these dreams reality

Saw a shooting star
And I just realized
I’m not where I want to be
Right before my eyes
I lost everything that I worked for
There is no one to blame there’s only me

Sometimes I wonder
If I tried to do it again
Would it turn out the same?

Whatever happened
To the broken wings
I left behind?
I could be flying
But I’m on the ground
No escape from gravity